This “experimental” OUYA ad has angered people

The advert posted above was put together by the company responsible for the open-source OUYA console. It was immediately met with disapproval from both OUYA owners and games developers. Hayden Scott-Baron, the guy behind the wonderful LostWinds had this to say about the advert: “Ouya’s marketing team made a horrible commercial, killing all my respect for the Ouya. Why would I make games for it?” He’s just one of many developers who feel that OUYA’s marketing team has gone off the deep end with this one.

OUYA was quick to respond to the derision by saying that this was just an “experimental” advertising video. “This is not our official ad,” a spokesperson for the company said. “We are experimenting with animated content and posted this video briefly to get feedback from our community. Stay tuned for our official video.”

Thoughts? Is this normal Internet knee-jerk reaction, or did OUYA go a little overboard with this one?