WIN: tickets to the Holi Festival of Colours 2013

If you’re a fan of pretty colours and tossing bags of colours at your friends while some drunk dude slurs something in your ear about how he was once nominated for a Grammy but his grandmother was sick that weekend so he had to decline right before three green people vomit on your slops in the spaces between your toes, then you should pay attention to every detail of this post.

Click through if you’re intrigued.

So! We’ve got one double ticket to the Holi Festival of Colours 2013, which is happening on the 14th of September at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, Johannesburg. There will be people. There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be colours.

For the time being, we’ve only got tickets to the Jo’burg event – no details at the moment as to whether we’ll receive tickets for the Cape Town leg of the festival in the future. Please bear in mind that the ticket we’re giving away does not include the powdery colours. You’ll need to spend money to get your hands on them at the event. Or you could attempt to stealthily snatch them from people too intoxicated to notice.

All you have to do to enter is drop a comment in the box below. We’ll then randomly select a winner on the 5th of September.

In case you’re wondering what this has to do with gaming: games have colours in them. So there.