We know every person on the planet asks this every year at the start of every passing month without fail, but how the hell is it September already? 2013’s barely begun and it’s almost already a speck in the distance. There’s one month left until rAge 2013, and WE ARE READY. Okay, so we’re really not ready, at all, and a few organisers have already been rendered practically catatonic from rapidly rising stress levels, but WE WILL BE READY. Maybe. Hopefully. *gulp*

Anyway, we’ve got a lovely new issue of NAG to offer you, freshly squeezed to start off your spring season with a bang.

There’s more info awaiting your eager gaze below the break. Also, monster hunters. You’ll like it. Promise.

Important fact: our September cover has a brilliant shine to it this month, one that’s lost on an image pasted on the Internet. Expect nothing less of a spectacularly shiny entrance for Geralt of Rivia, otherwise known as the titular Witcher in CD Projekt RED’s Witcher series. We’ve rounded up all the info you could possibly want on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, doing our best to try to convey the sensational scale and sense of endless role-playing opportunity that the series’ first open-world excursion promises to offer. Be sure to check it out.

With a new generation of consoles soon to be out in the wild, we’ve stepped off the highway of progress for a moment to look back on the last eight years of gaming, and the memories they’ve left us with. Generation Seven was one hell of a ride. Then, we’ve got our previews section bursting with words laced with concentrated knowledge on everything from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare to  Card Hunter. We go MOBA mad with both Dawngate and Infinite CrisisDead Rising 3‘s got zombies in it, so our attention is automatically grabbed, while Project Spark‘s gone and immediately ignited out imaginations.

In our reviews section we’ve gathered delights like Rogue LegacyThe Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingThe Swapper and UnepicCompany of Heroes 2 transports us back to World War II for more real-time strategising, Pikmin 3 is reason enough to want a Wii U, and New Super Luigi U is add-on content done right.

Hardware sees us taking a look at fantastic motherboards, memory kits, earphones and more. We dissect a fighting stick, delve into the importance of a virtual reality headset that’ll blow your eye-holes, and give our verdict on one of the fanciest, most expensive sketchbooks you’ll ever own.

These are all things you’ll find in September’s NAG. There’s more too, as you’ll discover if you check out the full contents page below. It’s due out this Thursday, the 29th of August. Fans of things a little less paper-y and a lot more digital should remember that Zinio is your friend.

Now, let’s all have a look at that shiny cover that’s not so shiny because this is the Internet.

Click here for the contents PDF [397 KB]

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