Nintendo unveils the Nintendo 2DS. Yes, really.


Weird thing: when Nintendo unveiled the 3DS and said that it allowed for 3D gaming without the glasses, people said, “Wow! That’s magic!” Then people started playing 3DS games and soon realised that the 3D effect wasn’t that comfortable to use all the time. Luckily, Nintendo pre-empted this and shipped the 3DS with a little slider that allows you to turn off the 3D effect if you so desire.

Now, in a confounding display of retrogression, Nintendo has announced the Nintendo 2DS. It’s pretty much a 3DS, only it has absolutely no 3D option at all. I guess it’s kind of like buying a 3DS and super-gluing the 3D toggle slider to “off”. Well, it would be if the Nintendo 2DS looked anything like a 3DS; it doesn’t.

I guess Nintendo’s hardware guys wanted to make sure that the 2DS looked different to the 3DS so as not to confuse Joe Public. To that end they’ve given us this flat, wedge-like handheld gaming device that looks like it comes straight out of the late 80s early 90s. There’s no clam-shell design here – just an immovable, solid chunk of plastic with two screens in it.

The 2DS is launching in the US on 12 October for $129.99. That’s a pretty compelling price point especially when you take into consideration the device is compatible with all 3DS and DS software released so far. That means access to a library of over 2,000 titles.

You can check out the reveal trailer below. The device has just been announced so there’s no word on when or if it’ll be available in South Africa, but considering we’ve gotten every form-factor of the DS before, it’s safe to say we’ll get the 2DS as well.

As odd as this move is, it’s probably safe to say that the 2DS will sell a bajillion units by Christmas time.