Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Ghosts – the video


Did you know that there are two game publishers vying for first-person shooter dominance each year? You may have heard of them: Electronic Arts has this manshooter franchise called Battlefield and Activision has this other manshooter franchise called Call of Duty. Competition is part-and-parcel of the gaming industry – Sony versus Microsoft, EA versus Activision, Killzone versus Halo… the list is endless.

A lot of the time, both sides in many of the industry’s competitions are well aware that competition is a good thing; just the other day EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau said as much to CVG. It’s true: competition is healthy and a lot of the time the groups that end up winning the most are the gamers, because we just get better titles, better hardware and better services rammed down our throats.

As in any industry that has competition, people completely removed from the actual competition feel the need to pass judgement or comment on what’s going on. This is normal; just look at the sporting scene and try to find a rugby or soccer fan that doesn’t have an opinion on how team ABC could have done better had they done XYZ. Every now and then, however, that commentary is hilarious. Case in point: the video that you’ll find after the jump, which was very clearly put together by a raging Battlefield fanboy. Give it a watch – it’s really funny.

Disclaimer: NAG Online, NAG Magazine and all of the NAG staff members are in no way afflicted with fanboyism. We chose to share this video simply because it made us LOL in a big way. Our decision to share the video doesn’t in any way indicate Battlefield fanboyism on our behalf. We’ve transcended that stuff and have pretty much directly plugged into gaming in general, thereby instilling us with a wondrous sense of pure objectivism. Except for Candy Crush Saga; we’d crawl over rattlesnakes to play that game.