Next The Last of Us patch introduces new multiplayer mode

Naughty Dog has confirmed that it will be releasing a brand-new free multiplayer mode called “Interrogation” for The Last of Us in the game’s next update.

Interrogation is a cooperative multiplayer mode in which players must pull off five special interrogation executions in order to gather intel which makes the opposition team’s hidden lockbox show up on the mini-map. Once this happens, the game turns into something similar to Capture the Flag, with the lockbox being the prize.

The new interrogation takedown takes longer than a regular execution, and it can be interrupted at anytime, in which case the victim dies before the attacker gains the intel.

Patch 1.03 will make a handful of other tweaks, including an increase to revive range, and the ability for players to take damage during executions. The matchmaking system will also be updated.

Naughty Dog has not yet confirmed a release date.