Rockstar unveils GTA V soundtrack and radio stations


Rockstar has finally lifted the lid on one of the best aspects of any GTA game: the music. For the first time in the series’ history, GTA V will feature its own original soundtrack that will play during missions and open-world exploration.

Traditionally, the only music to feature in GTA games was handled through the in-game radio stations that played when you were inside cars. Radio stations will be back (hooray!) in GTA V – there will be 15 in total and two of those will be talk radio stations. There will be 240 licensed tracks that will play on the 13 music stations. Additionally, some top LA radio talent will be featured in the game: Stephen Pope, Nate Williams and the awesomely named DJ Pooh are mentioned. No, I have no idea who they are either but according to a Rolling Stone article on the GTA V music, they’re a big deal.

Insofar as the game’s original soundtrack is concerned, it has been scored by three different composers including Woody Jackson, who scored Red Dead Redemption and helped with the music for LA Noire. The original soundtrack is completely dynamic, which means it’ll change as you switch between characters, locations and activities.

Source: Rolling Stone

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