Must Watch This: new CGI trailer for War Thunder


MMO war games have become quite a thing over the last few years. You could probably point towards and their very successful World of Tanks, World of Planes and World of Warships as one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of the genre. I’m still holding out for a World of Rubber Duckies Super Bath Time Combat war MMO, but I think is preoccupied with actual historical warfare.

Gaijin Entertainment (the Russian blokes behind games like Blades of Time – ohhhh gosh, OK now I’m concerned) is about to enter the MMO war gaming scene with War Thunder. They’re going in a similar direction as and are choosing to set their MMO during World War II encounters. They are, however, cramming planes, warships and tanks all into one game, which means that during online battles there will be players controlling all sorts of different types of military hardware.

After the jump is a very, very impressive CGI trailer for War Thunder. It’s got the production levels of a Blizzard cut-scene and the heart-string-tugging qualities of that incredible Dead Island reveal trailer.

War Thunder is currently in open beta. You can get stuck in by heading over here. The game will also be available on the PlayStation 4 as one of the launch titles.