Double Fine’s Broken Age point-and-click adventure may have kick-started the, uhhh, Kickstarter revolution, but it recently got a bit of flak for taking far too long and requiring way more money that was originally anticipated. Consequently, it’s nice to see some good news on the project for a change.

Double Fine has got together a really impressive voice cast for Broken Age. It features a ton of well-known voice actors who have played roles in numerous LucasArts adventure games as well as other massive titles like Mass Effect.

There’s a nice little video update after the jump. In it you’ll get to see a load of voice actors all taking on their various roles in the game. The cherry on top is that there are quite a few character reveals as well, especially for those who haven’t been keeping up with the Kickstarter forums for Broken Age. It’s cool to see Jack Black picking up a cameo role, and Jennifer Hale is always awesome whether she’s saving the galaxy as FemShep in Mass Effect, or providing expletive-filled quotes as Trishka Novak in Bulletstorm.

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