Check out the social features of the PS4 UI


If you watched the live-stream of Sony’s Gamescom 2013 press conference a few weeks back, then you might have got to see their Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida ensconced on a large leather armchair, fiddling with the user interface for the upcoming PlayStation 4. The aim of the live demonstration was to show off the console’s social features, and the whole thing was pretty slick in its execution.

The PlayStation Blog has since uploaded a clip of that UI demonstration along with a couple of interview questions with Yoshida. According to the Sony exec, only “a small portion of the UI” was shown off. “Obviously,” he continued, “the system software is still in development. We really wanted to show off the social aspect of the UI. The minute you boot up, you’ll see all the information about games you own, what your friends are doing, whether there’s any new DLC coming out, or if your friends have shared a video or screenshot. And you can also spectate anyone playing PS4.”

This is where things get pretty nifty: while spectating a multiplayer match of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Yoshida decided to leave the UI-native spectator mode and dive into the game alongside the friend he was just watching. Once the dust had settled, he even had time to snap a screenshot of the game and upload it to Twitter.

Source: PlayStation Blog