rAge 2013’s Tech coverage brought to your screen

Thirty days, ladies and gents. That’s how long we have until the rAge 2013 expo. Or more precisely, it’s about 29 days and seventeen hours away, but the specifics don’t matter. This year is going to be an insane one and it’s all thanks to the people behind it – the staff of NAG Magazine. Don’t look at me, I didn’t do anything. I’m not special like they are. But I will be at the Coca-Cola Dome, bringing the expo to the screens of all the NAGlings who couldn’t attend.


Last year was the tenth anniversary of the expo and it was awesome. It was my first time attending and to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming. I knew what I was going to be seeing and covering as I prepared to the event, but standing on the mezzanine looking at all the booths and the hive of activity one floor below…it was daunting.

rAge 2013 promises to flatten me (and you) even more. There will be at least one Playstation 4 to drool over. There will be enough games to drown yourself in drool. There’ll be stands selling so many awesome goodies that you’ll want to buy them all and there’ll be the NAG LAN at the other end of the stage, hosting more multi-player matches in a single square kilometer than we’ve ever seen before.

This year I’ll be bringing you more of the tech that’s going to be going down at the expo. While rAge is typically a gaming event, last year saw a smorgasbord of Windows 8 machines including some interesting products from Samsung, a stand dedicated to AMD’s new APUs, another stand dedicated to Alienware (with some machines available on the cheap) and even some smaller vendors with cool gadgets like tablets, media players, all-in-one remotes and much more. That’s a lot of tech to drool over.

From tomorrow up to the opening day (4th August, in case you’ve forgotten) I’ll be posting about things you’ll be able to see and do at the expo and which stands to look out for. Last year there was a very interesting overclocking event run by Comptium and local overclocker Andrew “dRweEz” Roberts who broke a few local records while clocking up a Core i7-3770K under LN2. No fingers were frosted in that event and I hope we see something similar for the hardcore enthusiasts.

If you’re attending the LAN, I’ll also be photographing interesting and awesome rigs that I may find there. If you have a great rig to show off, or just take pride in whatever you currently own, make sure you dust it off and clean it up a little – I might take a snap of it and post it online like I did last year. There won’t be any prizes, but there will be bragging rights and your mark will forever be made on the internet.

While there’s still a lot to plan and shuffle around before the big day, you can rest assured that this will be the biggest rAge yet. Stay tuned to NAG Online for more details.

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