That Rime game sure is looking lovely


This is Rime. It’s still a rather secretive project, and developer Tequila Works is staying tight-lipped for now. Judging by the game’s reveal trailer from Gamescom, it kind of looks like a puzzle adventure game thing, with a lot of exploration thrown in. It also looks rather beautiful running on the PlayStation 4, which will be the game’s home as Tequila Works has accepted Sony Computer Entertainment as their publisher.

There’s a slightly extended gameplay trailer after the jump. Quite a bit of it is what was shown at Gamescom, but there is some very intriguing new content. I’m getting a serious ICO vibe from this game thanks to the lonely little boy running around a mysterious setting, using a stick to swipe at shadowy enemies. And that bridge? Yep, Shadow of the Colossus right there. I’m OK with this, because both of those games were just magical.

Check out the trailer after the jump. It comes via the European PlayStation Blog, where Tequila Works’ creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz briefly discusses how the team is feeling post Gamescom reveal and heading into the final stages of development.

Source: European PlayStation Blog