Five minutes of glorious XCOM: Enemy Within gameplay


In November this year, publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis will be launching an expansion pack to last year’s critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game released mid-October 2012, and on 15 November 2013 2K will release an expansion called XCOM: Enemy Within. The expansion will bring with it a wider loadout of weapons to use in the field, new soldier types, new soldier abilities and Mech troopers. That last one is pretty much all you need to sell us on this expansion; the fact that it adds 47 new maps to the game is also nice, we guess.

New base modules include the Genetics lab that will allow you to genetically modify your soldiers. For example, you might modify the leg muscles of your troops in order to enable them to jump to higher areas for a tactical advantage. You could also build a Cybernetics lab to research new mechanised units, such as the aforementioned Mech Trooper: a new soldier class in the game. He’s in a Mechanised Exoskeletal Cybersuit and he packs a minigun. He also gets a powerful new ability called Collateral Damage that demolishes cover at the cost of ammo.

After the jump you can watch all of this in action thanks to a five minute gameplay demonstration sent on to us from the by local folks at Megarom. The demo is narrated by the expansion’s lead designer, Ananda Gupta. Grab your morning coffee and hit that jump.