Here’s 14 minutes of Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4


We’ve posted quite a bit of Watch_Dogs footage over the last few months, but I wanted to share this one as well because it’s a nice snapshot of what the game will be like when you’re not on missions. Everything you see in these 14 minutes of gameplay is all one long sequence and it’s all “systemic” gameplay. I’m really starting to loath game marketing buzz words like that; I think this means I’m getting really old and grumpy.

A while back we spoke about how you’d need to hack CToS network stations in each district of the city before you gain access to the ability to hack anything that sits still long enough in that area. You’ll get to see that in action here. You’ll also get to see some vigilante stuff, which was originally shown on the Jimmy Fallon show some time ago, but he totally messed up the sequence so this is a much better version to watch.

Finally, you’ll get a good look at how the embedded multiplayer will work. All of a sudden this second player pops up in the game and starts hacking Aiden’s device trying to mine for usable data. This results in a chase sequence and a retaliation attack in the other player’s game. It’s all pretty seamless and looks like a lot of fun – you’re going to be able to mess with people quite a bit. Gameplay after the jump.

Source: PlayStation Blog