Today I learnt about a game called Apotheon


Here’s the thing: I kind of get a kick out of games that go out of their way to have a different aesthetic, even if they’re in a genre that isn’t entirely lacking in franchises. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit of an ancient Greek nerd having majored in Classical Civilizations at university, but this game has my attention.

This is Apotheon – it’s being developed for Steam by the tiny team at Alien Trap. If you played the recent (and undeniably gorgeous) action exploration title Capsized, then you’ll know all about Alien Trap. Apotheon was intended to be a successor to Capsized and was going to be a science-fiction platformer with a comic book aesthetic. It was also going to star ancient Greek characters in outer space.

During the early planning stages of Apotheon’s development, ancient Greek artwork was used a basis to design some of the game’s elements. Things kind of snowballed from there, and before Alien Trap knew it, Apotheon had gone from science-fiction platformer to ancient Greek platformer with a vase-painting design.

The game is set in a large, 2D open-world – think along the lines of earlier Metroid titles. Alien Trap also attribute some basic RPG elements to the game, and there’s a focus on story and combat. There are a load of weapons on hand like axes, spears, bows and arrows, javelins and more. You’ll also be able to utilise bits of armour and shields, as well as craft potions through an ingredients and mixing mechanic.

Below is the game’s first trailer, made up of some pretty brutal gameplay. I really am liking what I see here.

The game is heading to Steam with plans to port Apotheon to one next-gen console after that. Finally, my wealth of utterly worthless knowledge on ancient Greek vase paintings has some relevance outside of university examinations.

Via: Polygon