When Sony and developer Capcom unveiled Deep Down, a fantasy title exclusive to the PlayStation 4, it wowed the masses thanks to some pretty incredible graphics and lighting technology. It was a good game to show off the power of Sony’s upcoming console.

Earlier today, Sony held a press conference in Japan where they unveiled updated PS Vita hardware and their new PS Vita TV unit. Games however, were not left out of the press conference, and we now have a new trailer for Deep Down.

On top of the trailer, which is very Japanese in execution (funny that), some new information slipped on the game. It’s actually set in New York in the year 2094. Players will be able to read the memories imprinted on normal objects in order to re-live those memories. In that sense, it’s kind of like Assassin’s Creed meets Dark Souls. The game will also feature randomly generated environments, weapons and monsters. Hit the jump for the new trailer.

Via: Polygon

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