Homeworld: Shipbreakers drops free-to-play


When we were first introduced to Blackbird’s Hardware: Shipbreakers, they announced that their game was going to be a free-to-play RTS offering. No matter how good a team’s pedigree is or how amazing a game sounds, the prospect of a free-to-play title is enough to turn off some people. I know I felt pretty conflicted when Blackbird unveiled Shipbreakers – free-to-play often has connotations of crappy microtransactions tarnishing a game. I have a feeling I’m not alone in this.

Great news then that Gearbox has confirmed that free-to-play is gone from Shipbreakers. Since Randy Pitchford and co. decided to share the Homeworld IP with Blackbird, and provide them with funding to bring their game to market, the need for a free-to-play mechanic has been scrapped as Gearbox dons their publisher hat to get Homeworld: Shipbreakers out the door.

The news came via Pitchford’s Twitter account: “With our investment, Homeworld Shipbreakers can be a proper commercial release. No need for F2P.” Best news ever.

Source: Twitter
Via: Kotaku

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