Sony announces PS Vita TV


Today, Sony held a conference in Japan during which the company unveiled a bevy of PlayStation Vita news including the reveal of a diminutive set-top box called PlayStation Vita TV.

The 6 X 10cm box is set to take on Apple’s own TV set-top box as it will offer the ability to play PS One, PSP and PS Vita games as well as provide connectivity to steaming media services like Hulu and Sony’s own Video Unlimited. In addition to this, the PS Vita TV will allow for PS4 game streaming on a second TV, which means that if the TV that the PS4 console is plugged into is in use by somebody else, the PS Vita TV unit will be able to stream PS4 content to second TV elsewhere in the home.

Sony says that the unit will be available in Japan on 14 November; no confirmation as to whether or not it will be coming to other parts of the world, but a statement issued to Eurogamer does not rule out the possibility.

PS Vita TV will retail for ¥9, 480 or just less than R1, 000. This price point makes it a very cost effective way to get into Sony’s mobile gaming offerings as well as scoring an online media streaming hub in the process.

It’s worth noting that not all PS Vita games will be compatible with the Vita TV unit as some require touch-screen controls. As it stands, the Vita TV unit will make use of the Dualshock 3 controller, which seems a little strange considering the Dualshock 4 at least features a touchpad similar to the rear touchpad found on actual PS Vita handhelds.

On top of the news of Vita TV, Sony announced a new form factor of the existing PlayStation Vita handheld. The 2000 series of Vita consoles is 20% thinner and about 15% lighter than the original Vita; it also has an additional hour of battery life. The 2000 series will come in a variety of colours including lime green, pink and white. Once again, Sony has yet to confirm the new form factor outside of Japan, but it’s highly likely we’ll see these hitting our shores in the near future.

Sources: The Verge, Eurogamer & Polygon