GTA V Map leaked online


Turns out somebody has been sold a copy of the Brady Games Grand Theft Auto V Guide a little too early. Whoever it was has been kind enough to scan the map of the game and upload the file to Reddit so that the gaming world can all wish it was next week Tuesday already.

The GTA V game area is larger than the combined game areas of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. That means that GTA V’s map is exactly… undeniably massive. I’d say that if you want to get a sense of the scale then hit the jump to ogle that map, but without something to compare it to, it’s not easy to grasp just how big it is. Luckily, and I’m attaching a disclaimer to this, somebody has taken the map and “super-imposed” the map of GTA: San Adreas on top of it. Now, to me it kind of looks like they simply did a copy-pasta of the San Andreas map, and there’s no telling whether both maps are at the same zoom level, scale etcetera. However, if it is an accurate comparison, then good grief; that’s huge.

Most of the posts online that have shared this map have added SPOILER warnings in preambles. I’m not too sure how seeing a game map would be considered a spoiler, but anyway you can consider that your last warning. Map after the jump.

Click to embiggen.

Here’s the San Andreas map for comparison:


And, as a bonus, here’s the Ninja Turtle hidden in the map. I couldn’t see it until somebody shared this image on NeoGAF.

Click for Ninja Turtle