Today I learnt about a game called Eldritch


Take 450g of Minecraft and bring it to the boil. Now add a healthy dollop of whipped Dishonored and stir vigorously while being careful not to burn the mixture. Next add three teaspoons of finely chopped roguelike genre, five tabelspoons of H. P. Lovecraft themes and a pinch of randomly-generated dungeon crawling. Allow mixture to simmer for a few months and then serve up to Steam Greenlight.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal: two brothers (David and Kyle Pittman who between them have worked on games like BioShock 2, both Borderlands and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified) are working on this delightful looking little romp of a roguelike called Eldritch. It’s a first-person game set in randomly generated dungeons that you could easily mistake for something from Minecraft. The beasties that inhabit those dungeons, however, are decidedly un-Minecraft-ey and are instead inspired by the works of Lovecraft. So expect Cthulhu monsters and the like.

There’s loads of sneaking, stabbing baddies in the back and exploring twisted catacombs while trying to find your way out. Your character will be able to learn new skills, but you’ll want to be cautious as permadeath is a thing.

You can head over to the game’s official website to pre-order a copy, which will get you access to the beta that starts towards the end of September. The final game is expected out on 21 October. Alternatively, head over to Steam Greenlight to give the project a non-monetary stamp of approval.

Source: Steam Greenlight,
Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun