UPDATE: Original and updated PS Vita screens side-by-side


Earlier this week, Sony unveiled a revamped model of the PlayStation Vita. The new form factor is being released in Japan on the 10th of October this year. The new PCH-2000 series of PS Vita comes in a variety of colours, is 15% lighter and about 20% thinner. It has 1GB of internal storage and a battery life that beats the previous PS Vita by one hour.

It only comes in a Wi-Fi option, so no 3G model is available. That’s presumably to cut down costs of the device. The screen is another area where Sony is probably cutting costs, as the PCH-2000 series features an LCD screen instead of the original’s OLED.

For some people the lack of OLED is a dealbreaker, as the original PS Vita’s screen is, to be honest, really quite lovely. Twitter user Hiro_1998 managed to do a side-by-side comparison shot between the original Vita’s screen and the new LCD screen in the upcoming 2000 series. Hit the jump to see the difference.



The original PS Vita is the top one – in case you hadn’t figured that out already.


Sony’s Andrew House explained in an interview with Nikkei that their reason for picking LCD for the PCH-2000 series was because it made it easier to make the revamped model just that much slimmer. He added that the “LCD panel can now realize an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel.” We guess he hasn’t seen the above image then.

Via: Kotaku

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