WIN: one of ten Hearthstone beta keys: week 1

UPDATE: Competition’s closed, this week’s winners have been chosen, move along, nothing to see here, etc. Check back tomorrow to enter to win one of the next set of keys!

Hello gamers! You like games, right? We’re told that’s a thing? If so, how would you like access to the beta of an upcoming digital trading card game? It’s called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, from a small company called Blizzard Entertainment. Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

Yeah, that’s what we thought. Strap yourself into this post-rocket for the chance to bag a key, courtesy of our lovely friends over at Megarom.

So! You know the drill by now: gently trickle your comment into the Great Comment Reservoir below, and we’ll randomly select ten winners who’ll get their hands on a super-sexy sequence of numbers that grant magical access to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. We’ll be giving away ten keys every week until we spontaneously implode / get shipped off to Mars as slave labourers / find ourselves trapped on an island made of dinosaurs / get bored.

If you’re wondering what the hell it even is, the power of video will assist you:

Do you really need to know anything else? Go go go!

Please note that this competition is open to South African residents only.