Guys who cosplay are just attention whores


Oooh! How many of you got riled up by that headline? If so, then this brilliant piece of satire is especially for you. YouTuber Jennifer Landa took a trip to San Diego Comic-Con to put together this thought provoking and highly entertaining little video.

Since, like, forever, Cosplay has been dominated by the fairer sex. I mean really, just do a Google image search for “cosplay” and look at the results. Despite that there is a lot of great cosplay out there that’s done by men, there’s no denying that it’s a women-led scene.

A while back there were ridiculous articles going about the Internet that claimed that “geek girls” were only identifying as such because they were looking for attention from guys. The same stupid notion could be applied to “gaming girls” as well. Gaming and geeky activities were (emphasis on the past tense there) once dominated by men, which gave rise to the aforementioned stupid articles and opinions regarding “geek girls” and “gaming girls”. Enter Jeniffer Landa to apply the same stupid notion to the cosplay scene all in the name of satire and making a really good point. Video after the jump.

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