Surprise! GTA V street date broken


Did you enjoy the weekend that the Internet recently dubbed “Last Weekend You’ll Ever Play Saints Row This Year” weekend? That made me chuckle. A few more hours to go until GTA V hits and millions of people around the world suddenly disappear from ordinary society! This is probably the year’s most anticipated game, so when reports of stores breaking street date crop up, people get tetchy.

If you had pre-ordered the game online only to have it arrive at your house last week Friday, you would have had a pretty awesome weekend, no? That’s what’s happened with a lot of pre-orders, which has prompted Rockstar to investigate the issue over the weekend.

Sticking with early copies, if you want to be horrified and maybe a little entertained, some really fantastic parents have uploaded a video of their 11-year old son freaking out after being presented with a copy of GTA V for his PlayStation 3. Obviously there are some retail stores in France that have also decided to give the street date the finger. I’m sure there will be loads of you who watch this and think: “What shocking parenting; giving an 11-year old a copy GTA? I’m appalled.” Just admit that deep down that’s not actually disapproval you’re feeling – it’s unadulterated jealousy. It’s ok, you can admit it; this is a safe space.

Via: Games Industry International