Playing GTA V on Xbox 360? Don’t install the “Play Disc”


Happy Grand Theft Auto V Day, everybody! Perhaps you’re already playing the game after having attended one of the numerous midnight launches held throughout the country? Perhaps you’re bunking work/school today to wait next to the front door for a delivery man to appear? Any of you playing on Xbox 360? If you are, Rockstar Support has some important information regarding optimal performance on your console.

The Xbox 360 version of GTA V ships on two DVDs: one Install Disc and one Play Disc. You have to install the Install Disc – obviously. That’ll require 8GB of space on your Xbox 360, but you can also use a USB flashdisk that’s been formatted for your console should you lack a HDD or space.

Rockstar has warned against installing the Play Disc as this results in visible lag in certain scenes as well as texture and object pop in. The folks over at DigitalFoundry have captured some comparison footage to illustrate what Rockstar is talking about. They’re also provided a possible solution for those of you who hate the sound of your Xbox 360’s Boeing DVD Drive: install the Install Disc to your console’s HDD, and the Play Disc to a USB flashdisk. They caution that the results will vary depending on the quality of your flashdisk. Videos after the jump.

Source: DigitalFoundry’s YouTube Channel