stands @ rAge: #19 Computersonly

In sixteen days…you will die multiple horrible deaths in Grand Theft Auto V! While the world slows down thanks to a mass of people taking off work and playing GTA V, time plods on without so much as a hiccup. The rAge expo draws nearer and with it the cries of wallets everywhere which have only begun to recover from the horrors of the Steam Summer sale. This year a number of computer component retailers will be returning to the show floor to sell their wares and see what most interests customers. One of those is with a sizeable display at stand number nineteen. 

Owner Carlo Benevento has big plans for his stand this year and is excited to see the reaction from visitors to the expo. “This year we’ll be doing a few spontaneous prize giveaways and we’re participating with Roccat in their competition as well. There will be a few booth babes to assist customers as well as a range of hardware to look at and try out!” says Benevento.

Roccat XMG gaming notebook
Roccat XMG gaming notebook

The stand will play host to one of the entry points to a prize giveaway by Roccat, offering up one of their XMG gaming laptops to one lucky gamer. Interested participants need to buy one Roccat product from the Computersonly stand to be entered into the draw and this means that you could pick up a mouse mat, a keyboard or a headset and potentially walk away with a laptop worth R20,000.

Computersonly will be displaying a full range of gaming and overclocked systems to suit various budgets and they’ll be offering special pricing for rAge-goers as well as a few unique bundles. You’ll be able to snag graphics cards from EVGA, ASUS and MSI as well as a selection of motherboards, solid state drives and desktop DDR3 memory.

At the stand there will also be mini-displays from hardware vendors. MSI will have a selection of their gaming laptops to drool over (please, don’t actually drool on them!) while ASUS will be displaying their new Intel Haswell-compatible Z87 motherboards. Keep your eyes peeled as you may be one of the people they select for a spontaneous giveaway – puff out that chest, look intimidating or impersonate Homer Simpson, make these guys notice you.

ASUS Z87 Deluxe motherboard
ASUS Z87 Deluxe motherboard

As part of my coverage, I’m asking stand vendors which they like – peanuts, or raisins. I’ll be keeping a tally (at least from the vendors that reply) on which one they prefer. Yes, it’s a strange question, but all will be revealed in a future column dealing with goings-on at the expo.

Comet Computing voted for both! It seems they like to play both sides of the field with this one, as Benevento contends that “they compliment each other!” Way to go playing Switzerland, guys.


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