Guild Wars 2 – Tequatl Rising

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In the most recent update to Guild Wars 2 (which happens every two weeks), an old foe has been given a makeover. The dragon Tequatl,  who resides in the swamps of Sparkfly Fen, is now bigger, stronger, and takes the cooperation of an entire server to beat, literally hundreds of players working together.

Only a handful of servers at the time of writing (with Blackgate being a world first) – three in North America and two in Europe – have managed to defeat the dragon. The changes to the fight’s mechanics have launched much discussion and strategizing on how best to succeed. While initially some complained that the fight was too difficult and unfair, it’s become clear people can’t resist the challenge after all, and will camp out in Sparkfly Fen an hour ahead of time to start coordinating, explaining the fight to newcomers, and handing out various foods that help with this particular type of boss.

Personally, I have many reasons why I consider Guild Wars 2 the best MMO on the market (and it will continue to be the best even after WildStar and The Elder Scrolls Online launch but that’s another topic), and this new fight has managed to confirm that while ArenaNet wants Guild Wars 2 to be an approachable MMO for people of all skill levels, they’ve not forgotten that a hard fight is a memorable fight.

There have been 18 “releases”, like mini expansion packs that contain both temporary content and permanent additions to the world, for Guild Wars 2 over the last year. Some return yearly, like holiday content, while others, well, you just had to be there.