Remove Authenticator before upgrading to iOS7


Yesterday, Apple released a massive overhaul for iOS on iPads and iPhones. The new version, iOS 7, is available to download as of this moment (it’s about a 650MB download), but a post on the Blizzard forums is cautioning people to remove their Authenticator Apps before upgrading to iOS 7. There’s a tendency for big iOS overhauls to reset the Authenticator App, which essentially locks you out of your account.

I’ve been using the iOS Authenticator App for well over a year now. It’s a slick little application that adds a massive layer of security to your account. If you’re also using it on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to log in to your account and remove the Authenticator app prior to upgrading your iOS.

It’s a very quick process, but don’t forget to write down the Authenticator Apps serial number and reset code. Once you’ve upgraded your iOS, you can then reactivate the Authenticator App on your account management.

I decided to share this because recently I got locked out of my account when I upgraded my phone. I switched from an iPhone to an Galaxy S4 and installed the Authenticator App on my new phone thinking there’d be an option to tie my previous iOS App serial number to a new version of the App. I was wrong, so I had to request Blizzard Support to remove the iOS Authenticator App from my account. I had to send them copies of my ID and fill in a couple of forms; they were actually really quick about it and unlocked my account within 12 hours. Still, that was 12 hours that I couldn’t play Hearthstone, which is kind of like taking away a heroin junkie’s stash.