New Forza 5 trailer is clever, oddly emotional


I appreciate cars, but I’m by no means a petrol-head. I’ve  played my fair share of racing games, but I’ve always tended to go for the more arcade-y experiences like Need For Speed rather than Gran Turismo. Still, when Geoff “GeometriX” Burrows held a loaded gun to my head and told to review Forza 4 for this very website, for a moment, while I was playing the game, I felt what it must feel like to be a petrol-head. I kind of enjoyed it; it definitely gave me a bigger appreciation for what teams like Turn 10 Studios and Polyphony Digital have crafted.

Enter this new trailer for Forza Motorsport 5, which is an Xbox One exclusive and launch title. The live-action trailer shows a McLaren MP4-12C (thanks, Nick!) flying around a track with a camera strapped to its roof. Alongside the track, individual frames of a McLaren P1 are lined up. The P1 images are from Forza 5, and when the MP4 reaches a certain speed, the P1 pictures blur together to become animated. It’s awesome.

There’s something about this trailer; I found the whole thing rather emotionally charged. It’s more than likely the music; that or I’m turning into a petrol-head. Whatever it is, it makes for a really great trailer.