New gameplay footage of MGS V: The Phantom Pain


The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing at the moment, which means you can expect some new footage for a lot of Eastern developed games to be cropping up online. Case in point: these 12 minutes of new gameplay footage from upcoming open-world Metal Gear Solid V.

The footage was captured during one of Sony’s presentations. It features narration by the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima. Of course, the whole shebang is in Japanese so unless you’re au fait with the language the explanation is going to go right over your head. Still, that won’t prevent you from enjoying what’s on show.

Metal Gear Solid V is shaping up to be one heck of an experience; massive environments, lots of sneaky sneaking and some next-gen, extra wet rain are just a few of what’s on display in this footage. The game is heading to current gen and next gen consoles. Grab your morning beer and get comfortable; footage after the jump.