DualShock 4’s light bar gets neat application in Thief reboot


The upcoming Thief reboot will be using the PlayStation 4’s new DualShock light bar in a pretty clever way. Despite the fact that this new Thief will be altering a number of elements from the series, one signature aspect will remain: the need to remain hidden in the shadows.

In previous games, the on-screen light gem would glow at different intensities to indicate just how hidden protagonist Garrett was at any given time. On the PlayStation 4 version of the game, the light gem is moving off of the HUD and into your hands. “For the DualShock 4, we use the light bar to reflect the light gem in the in-game UI, which indicates if Garrett is in the shadows or not,” the game’s producer Stephane Roy told the PlayStation Blog.

Apparently, the effect is particularly neat when you’re playing the game in a darkened room: “It creates a nice feeling when you play in the dark to see it [the light bar] illuminate or darken as you move through the environment.”

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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