NAG Magazine: October 2013 Issue

rAge! RaGE! RAGE! rage. Also, 2013. Does anything else even matter right now? Does the universe even continue to exist around us while we pour buckets of blood and sweat and tears (this doesn’t really happen, because gross) into South Africa’s greatest gaming event? Or does The Everything disappear into a vacuous chunk of nothingness while the Coca-Cola Dome is transformed into a vast gaming playground for one weekend every year?

Do these questions even need answers?

It turns out, October’s about more than just rAge. October’s when we remind you that there’s this thing called Call of Duty that rakes in whole heaps of cash with each annual instalment thanks to its guns that get shot and dudes that get ‘sploded.

Move past the break for more.

So Call of Duty: Ghosts, ‘ey? Seeing as how it’s all over our cover this month, we’ve no doubt you’ve already gleaned that we’ve got a COD-flavoured info-drop waiting for you within our magazine’s pages. This time, we take an in-depth look at the multiplayer, which promises to be the most evolved form of Call of Duty multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare. Sounds juicy! It’s packed with all the info you’ll need to prepare yourself for the barrage of new perks, new weapons, new game modes and new Other Stuff.

Elsewhere (Germany, to be more specific), we travel to Gamescom to soak up all the delicious atmosphere and beer and sausages and games we can muster, all so we can deliver knowledge directly to your brain’s doorstep.

Then, let our previews section transport you to the future, with dissections of what to expect from Techland’s latest zombie murder-fest (now with added Parkour!) Dying Light, and Blizzard’s digital collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftZoo Tycoon makes us want to hug a tiger in the face, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the expansion that’ll hopefully turn Blizzard’s action RPG into the game it was meant to be. Importantly, we’ve taken a powerful look at the delicious Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is tickling our old school-loving ticklish bits in all the right ways. In case you can’t tell, we’ll just say it plainly: we’re immensely impressed by MachineGames’ take on the beloved series.

We’ve packed our reviews section full of such delights as Rayman Legends and Dragon’s Crown. Total War: Rome II gets us warring, totally, and Saints Row IV injects joy directly into our parody glands. Pikmin 3 gets taken for a walk, making us smile with every step, while Splinter Cell: Blacklist sends rays of sunshine to tear through the grumpy.

Looking for hardware? It’s right here. We loose two GPUs in a trap-ridden gladiatorial arena and only let one of them leave alive, victorious and bloodied. Mice, motherboards, RAM and even bags are not safe from our collections of critical words. Disney Infinity, Disney’s answer to Skylanders,  gets put through its paces. Smartphones surprise us, and expensive gaming notebooks see us locking our wallets in the safe for fear of temptation.

In our October issue you’ll find all this, PLUS MORE, obviously. For the full list, check out the contents page below. And then go back to checking out that eye-catching COD cover. And then come back later to check it all out again, just to be sure. Digital peoples would do well to check out Zinio, which is where we save the trees. It’s due out Thursday, September 26.

See you all at rAge 2013! 😀

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