Indie games make a stand

We all know how evil those blasted Steam sales are. Whenever one of those “75% OFF!” blurbs flash by, gamers have to be content with kissing their hard-earned savings goodbye. As if that’s not bad enough, indie fans have to contend with the Humble Bundles. Sure, you *could* in theory only pay a measly $1, but only douchebags would do that, and you’re no douche, right? Right?

Anyway, the very clever folks at the Indie Game Stand have decided to combine these two sales models. Launched over a year ago, IGS has now evolved into a full-fledged content delivery service, complete with am undeniably Steam-like interface. Like Steam, they offer specials, but also employ the pay-what-you-want model as seen in the Humble Bundles. Every 96 hours, a new game is chosen to be featured and buyers can get some pretty sweet deals.

The service is kind enough to inform you of a game’s DRM status (mostly non-applicable, much to the delight of activists) and offers keys for both Steam and Desura (the latter of which is a required installation if you’re an indie aficionado). There’s also an alpha/beta section for the adventurous and open-minded, along with Mac and Linux sections for those who like to go against the grain.

If you’re up for some feel-good gushiness, it’ll please you to know that IGS has so far raised $215,000 for indie developers and nearly $20,000 for assorted charities. Indies are gleefully embracing the service, particularly those who have become disillusioned with Steam’s Greenlight service. The library is so far kind of small, but it’s growing all the time and will continue to do so as the public gets more aware.

Get ready to part with your cash by heading over here and seeing what all the ruckus is about.