Alternate ending to The Last of Us sure is alternate


It goes without saying that after the jump, there’s a spoilerific video for The Last of Us. I’m sure I don’t need to spell this out, but if you haven’t finished Naughty Dog’s excellent game, then don’t watch the video.

During this year’s PAX Prime, creative director and writer for the game Neil Druckmann hosted a panel in which he discussed some alternate endings to the game. One of those endings came about as just a bit of fun: Druckmann directed Joel’s actor, Troy Baker, to continue with the ending scene no matter what happened during filming. He then gave another actor a set of secret instructions. The result is equal parts impressive and hilarious.

Video is after the jump; it’s worth noting that the scene on display is slightly different to how the game actually ends anyway. It’s also worth noting that news of this bizarre alternate ending was online shortly after the PAX Prime panel, but Sony has only just released the footage that panel attendees were shown.