Batman: Arkham Origins DLC and permadeath detailed


Bats’ latest outing, the prequel-fuelled Arkham Origins, is hitting shelves on 25 October. With less than a month before we don that black cowl, it’s only natural to start talking DLC! Season passes! Money!

One helping of DLC is called “Initiation” and it takes Bruce Wayne back a little further than the game’s main storyline already will. In Initiation you won’t even be Batman; you’ll just be ordinary billionaire Bruce Wayne as he travels to Asia to learn to become a ninja under Kirigi. It makes sense to include these beginning stages of Batman’s career in a game primarily focused on an origin story, but I can’t shake the feeling that this would have been even more impactful had it been a prologue to the game’s main campaign. Yay capitalism, I guess.

One new feature, that won’t cost you extra, is a permadeath playthrough known as the “I Am The Night” mode. You’ll gain access to this mode once you’ve complete the game’s 12 hour campaign as well as a New Game Plus playthrough. I Am The Night mode will allow you to save your game, but once you’re dead then we guess you’ll have to go back to when you last saved. That might not be a problem for compulsive savers, but will be a problem for those who forget to save for hours. That or extra sinister checkpoints will be used.

Source: Eurogamer