Guild Wars 2: Twilight Assault


Released yesterday, Twilight Assault continues Guild Wars 2‘s bi-weekly update schedule, adding new content and improvements.

This update continues the current Scarlet story (which started in August), a sylvari terrorist that’s been harassing Tyria for the last few months, by adding a new dungeon path (replacing an old and rather crappy one). It’s a level 80 dungeon path, full of puzzles, traps, and a rather epic final boss. It’s a long dungeon (my first run took 3 hours), but it looks to be designed around an hour at most once people know what they’re doing.

Twilight Arbor has it’s own set of Achievements (much like how the Tequatl the Sunless fight now has it’s own category), you can earn a Slickpack back item for finishing the Living Story meta, and there are new Nightmare Weapons to find.

You can read a spoiler-free guide on the official website.