Half-Life 3 development team list leaks


Alright, you know what? I’m throwing caution to the wind here and I’m getting excited. This morning we posted about a Half-Life 3 trademark being filed in Europe. Now there’s more: last night Valve just happened to leave their internal “User Picker” software open to the public. The program is used internally to assign staff members to various in-house projects. Surprise, surprise, Half-Life 3 is visible as one of those projects.

There are two Half-Life 3 projects – one has a team of 46 staff members currently working on it. As Reddit user olafurw points out, many of those staff members mentioned also worked on Half-Life 2. The second Half-Life 3 project is called “Half-Life 3 Core” and is presumably the core team that is tied to the project from beginning to end – there are 10 staff members in this team.

The Valve User Picker leak wasn’t up for very long, but it was there long enough for Reddit users to nab screenshots and cause an online kerfuffle. Two Half-Life 3 leaks in less than 48 hours? Something is up, guys! Right? Guys? Anyone?

Source: Reddit