Win: Iron Man Mark XLII statue

It’s that time again – let’s give away a thing. Gosh, we sure do enjoy giving away things, especially when those things are particularly geeky like an Iron Man Mark XLII 40cm statue! Let’s get on with it, then…


Standing 40cm tall, this statue lights up when you clap, shout, stamp, squawk or make any sort of otherwise sharp and loud noise. We challenge you to swiss replica watches figure out what else could work.

If you want to replica watches win this sweet prize courtesy of Cosmic Comics, simply tell us in the comments section below the very first thing you’d do if you were Tony Stark / Iron Man. Be creative and you’ll stand a better chance of winning. Keep it PG, folks 😉

Please bear in mind that this is the actual model that we’ve opened, fondled and photographed. It’s in solid condition, but we thought it’d be worth mentioning. Heck, this actually makes the prize more valuable, especially if you plan on harvesting dead skin cells off the replica watches uk surface of this statue to clone your very own NAG staff. Please don’t do that.

South African residents only! You’ve got until the 11th of October to get your comment in.

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