UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion in the comments section below. Just to be clear, the tickets we’re giving away are for the rAge expo, not for the NAG LAN. If you happen to win one of these tickets / weekend passes and then show up at the expo entrance with your LAN gear, people will think you’re weird. There may even be some silent judgement. So yeah. There’s that.

UPDATE #2: Aaaaand done! Competition is closed and winners have been drawn. See you all (whether you’ve just won a ticket or not) at rAge!

You may have heard of rAge, this little show we do every year. People visit it (lots of people), they see cool stuff, they play cool games, they do cool things. Studies have shown time and again that it is at least 169% more exciting than things that are not at all exciting. That’s an exciting number, and we’ve got more rAge-flavoured excitement to offer you.

Step into our office for the skinny.

Because we love you all so much, we’ll be giving away five double tickets and five weekend passes to rAge 2013 every day from now until the 2nd of October.

All you need to do to enter is plant a comment-mine in the comments minefield below. We’ll then randomly draw winners each day.

Good luck, and see you all at rAge!

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