Leaving on a jet plane to rAge 2013

So, I’m on the way to rAge 2013 as you read this. I’m boarding a plane to Johannesburg and for the first time I’ll be on my own there. Hey, to people who’ve been doing this for ages it may be fun, but for me it’s a bit of an experience going solo. All alone in Johannesburg

rAge 2013 promises to be the biggest one yet and I’m sure that it’s going to be one that I’ll remember for years to come. Will you be attending, NAGlings? If not, you can always keep and eye out on our coverage here, where myself, Miklós and others are going to be filling you in on the weekend’s events. Already my schedule is filling up with things to do and people to see and I’m not even sure I’ll fit everything in. Now’s the time when I need one of those time-turner thingies, or a cloning device. Or the shadow jutsu.

Throughout the weekend we’ll have coverage right here on the website as well as discussions on the forums here and in here.  NAG’s official stand is #57, located near entrance 3. Don’t be shy, go say “Hi!”

rAge plane takeoff 2013