What’s this? A new Puzzle Quest? With Marvel?


Remember Puzzle Quest? Similar to Bejeweled, it was among the first bevy of the “match three” puzzle games that helped to cripple general productivity across the planet. There was the original Puzzle Quest (a fantasy RPG puzzle game), followed by a sci-fi spinoff Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. Then, three years ago, we got a full-fledged fantasy sequel Puzzle Quest 2 (which was awesome, by the way).

Considering the popularity of the series I’m a little surprised that a new game got released today and there’s been pretty much no fanfare. The lack of shouting from the rooftops is doubly odd considering this one is a Marvel spinoff.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign got released today for iOS and Android devices. It’s free, which perhaps explains the lack of hype. Expect in-app purchases.

Source: Marvel
Via: Destructoid