DGL Day 1

dgl championship 2013 rage

Note: I’ll update this post with all the Day 1 final results as soon as they become available. Please check back later if you’re looking for the day’s results, keeping in mind some of the games can go rather late (as late as midnight!).

Despite the DGL only officially kicking off at 2pm today, I wandered down there at around 11am to have a look around. It was nerd heaven.

Rows of tables were set up, stretching across an enormous room, each one lined with impressive looking PCs that glowed various colours onto their oversized mousepads.

Wires and cables ran over walls, across the floor and underfoot while stressed-looking men and women with DGL lanyards moved from place to place like agitated bees.

The various competitors weren’t standing around chatting, it was serious business time as everyone that had arrived early were already in game, practising, communicating through their headsets to the person sitting next to them.

The intensity and competitiveness was thick in the air, and I was loving it.

The action was underway promptly at 2pm. Unfortunately, there was an issue with Twitch.tv which affected the streaming, so the spectator area wasn’t able to function.

On the bright side, there was a good sized crowd there already, so I imagine over the next two days when the various finals take place there’s going to be an awesome vibe in there. Watching e-sports live with a crowd of people is enormously underrated; if you can make it to rAge on one of the next two days I really recommend hanging out in the DGL area for a while, it’s a blast.

I’m going to post the results for the various games here, and update them as they become available, so if you want to see everything make sure to visit this page again later tonight.

League of Legends

Group A: Roccat SA Elite (3-0) and Apple Tree Gardens (2-1) advance.

Group B: Unleash Llama (3-0) and Never Say Die (1-1-1) advance.

Group C: Opulens Potens (3-0) and Roccat SA Community Clan (1-1-1) advance.

Group D: In Teemo We Trust (3-0) and Revenant (2-1) advance.

Starcraft 2

The top 8 have been decided, and they are:

Rob ‘PandaTank’ Botha

Travis ‘Shase’ Weedon

Radhe ‘illidanRA’ Stringer

Edwin ‘Drager’ Williams

Magiel ‘enjoy’ de Lange

Hendrik ‘Hoender’ Bence

Nathan ‘Static’ Anderson

Duncan ‘Skiblet’ Frickel

DotA 2

The teams sitting in the top two spots of the groups right now are:

Energy eSports

Never Say Die

Team Immersion

Rain Gaming

Bravado Gaming

Roccat SA Elite

Veneration E-Sports


Keep in mind it looks like they weren’t able to finish today, and the rest of the group games will likely be played out tomorrow. However, Bravado and Energy E-Sports are both locked to advance, as they’re sitting on perfect 4-0 records.

Battlefield 3

See the elimination bracket here.

Black Ops 2

The top two teams from each group will advance to Stage 2.

Group A: Bravado [Aurora] (3-0) and impi (2-1) advance.

Group B: Bravado [x51] (2-0-1) and Immersion (2-0-1) advance.

Group C: Roccat SA Elite (3-0) and oldschool (2-1) advance.

Group D: Energy eSports [Blaze] (2-0-1) and Energy eSports [Frost] (2-0-1) advance, these two teams from the same clan drew with each other!