Steelseries Rival debuts at rage 2013

Steelseries has been a popular brand of late, seeing increased adoption among gamers as their choice peripheral brand and with the company building ties with gamers by sponsoring teams playing international matches for popular games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike. With a growing and active market in South Africa, Steelseries chose to use rAge 2013 as the platform to announce their new high-end gaming mouse, the Rival.

steelseries rival header

The Rival isn’t a spin-off from the Sensei range, its a new design on its own. It shares design language and features with the Steelseries Ninja, a leaked concept that Steelseries was still working on back in February. Still, this is a new product that will augment those gamers looking some something that doesn’t resemble a Sensei.

The Rival has a more svelte form factor and unlike the Sensei, doesn’t have an ambidextrous design. Steelseries says that the Rival is “optimised for FPS gaming” and will be the best in class in its pricing tier. The features themselves are nothing to sniff at. A 6500dpi sensor and 1000Hz polling makes for a very responsible pointer, while the buttons feature custom switches builtfor 30 million clicks.

Steelseries was quick to point out that personalisation was a concern when making the Rival and you’re given the option of 16.8 million colours in two colour zones customisable in the control panel, as well as software in the new version of Steelseries Engine 3.0 that allows you to compensate for recoil in games and a new Snapping option, which allows you to aim anywhere in a 360 degree space quickly without having to drag your mouse further to turn your character around fully.

Soft-touch rubbers on either side of the mouse will help to make it more comfortable and Teflon feetcome as standard. When ordering your Rival online you also get one last customisation option – allowing Steelseries to engrave your nick or clan name onto the bottom of your mouse. If that option is available in South Africa, I think I may just get one.

The Rival goes on sale in November in stores nationwide and Steelseries is targeting a launch price of R699. Visitors to rAge have a chance tobe the very first Rival owner by Tweeting or posting a photo to Instagram with the hasgtag #ssrage. The winner of the Rival will be announcec on Sunday, which is when the handover will take place.

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