COD: Ghosts’ impossible PC specs not official, apparently

will it run cod ghosts

As is the way of things on the interwebnets, the controversial PC requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts posted on Nvidia’s website yesterday are not to be believed, according to the game’s publisher. You know, the people who would probably have the correct information about this sort of stuff.

Nvidia’s website claims that Infinity Ward’s next face-shooter will demand – at minimum – a flabbergasting 6 GB RAM, a DirectX11 video card, 50 GB space on your HDD, and all the Doritos in your cupboard. Activision says “nuh-uh”.

Responding to fans asking on Twitter whether the specs are official, Activision’s support team said that, “Unfortunately they are not. Please stay tuned for the official requirements coming soon, thank you.”

So that’s good news! Unless, of course, the official requirements are even higher, in which case you might want to consider the alternatives. It has already been officially confirmed that the minimum requirements for console are:

  • A console

Source: Videogamer