Composer mentions he’s scoring Far Cry 4


Cliff Martinez is a composer; he’s behind the scores for films like Traffic – he was nominated for a Grammy for that particular score. He’s also responsible for the music in TV series like Gray’s Anatomy although I get the sneaky suspicion that the vast majority our NAG’s readership couldn’t give a rat’s left testicle about that. Oh, and he was the drummer for Red Hot Chilli Peppers a while ago.

Anyway, during an interview Martinez happened to mention to website Lost in the Multiplex that he was working on the score for “a video game called Far Cry 4”. That comment has since been expunged from the interview in question, but Joystiq managed to snap a screengrab before evidence was removed.

This should obviously surprise absolutely nobody. Are you surprised? Then you are a nobody; sorry to break the news to you. Far Cry 3 was such a commercial and critical success that Ubisoft went on to call it one of their “pillar” franchises. Whether or not it’s going to hit the annualised release level of “pillar franchise” is still open for debate, but we’re hoping not for obvious reasons. Despite Martinez’s comment, Ubisoft has yet to confirm a Far Cry 4. I’ll bet the same rat’s right testicle that we’ll know about a fourth instalment within six months.

Source: Joystiq
Via: Shacknews