FYI, there’s a local retailer importing Xbox One consoles


The Xbox One launches next month everywhere in the whole universe except South Africa. And a bunch of other countries, but the point is that Microsoft’s New! Improved! Now with more jiggawatts! gamething won’t be officially available over here until some as yet unconfirmed date in the future. Unofficially, though, you can actually get one via at least one local online retailer.

The resourceful people over at Phoenix Tech are taking preorders for the console (both standard and special bundle options), supplied through the magic of commercial globalisation and, more specifically, the company’s branch in Europe.

“We are getting our Xbox One consoles from our European distributors as PreOrder On Request items,” Phoenix Tech’s Ashton Davis explained to me. “We are getting our consoles from either a distributor in Germany or the UK, and they are expected to receive their stock shortly after the November 22nd launch day.”

Most importantly, she also added that, “We are aiming to get the consoles delivered to the customers as quickly as possible.”

Now you just have to nag your mom / significant other / voice in your head reminding you that food and toilet paper are important too. Shut up, voice in my head. If I don’t have food, I won’t need toilet paper. CHECKMATE, CLICK-CLICK-ORDER.