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Next week marks the start of Halloween in Guild Wars 2, and the return of the Halloween content. But this year, there’s a new face in the festivities . The son of the Mad King, Bloody Prince Edrick.

Returning attractions include:

  • Mad King’s Clock Tower: a devilish jumping puzzle that you either loved or hated.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth: a dangerous area filled with high-value Champion monsters.
  • Haunted Doors: spawning across Tyria, these are either a Treat, or a Trick.
  • Lunatic Inquisition:  A Player vs Player scenario where villagers need to survive the night against lunatic courtiers.

Sadly, the MOBA-alike Reaper Rumble won’t be back this year. Players that obey the Mad King during his regular Mad King Says rounds in Lion’s Arch, will receive a Mask of the Night item.

Balance Update

The Blood and Madness patch includes a host of significant fixes and changes. New ground targeting options let you adjust how you throw your grenades or spells, tab-targeting has been improved, condition damage numbers can now be shown, trait and skill tooltips now display how they affect each other, and every existing skill and trait has received a balance pass with an emphasis on improving support builds.

World vs World Season 1

October 18th is the start of the first WvW season, which lasts until December 5. There are unique WvW Season 1 achivements, reward chest keys, participation bags, a new Title (Veteran of the Mists) and a Mini Dolyack to get.