OK, new Thief gameplay trailer, I’m listening (cautiously)

thief screenshot 04

Next year’s Thief reboot hasn’t exactly received a lot of love from long-time fans of the series. I wouldn’t call myself a “long-time fan” of the series, but I admit that my enthusiasm has waned ever since learning that the developers decided to remove the ability to jump. Yep, jumping is all contextual now so as not to break the immersion of being a master thief. Or something.

Anyway, along comes this new, shiny gameplay trailer for the Thief reboot! I have to admit, it looks pretty damn exciting. Perhaps a little heavy on the slow-motion effects, but there’s no denying that Eidos Montreal has put in a lot of effort in terms of world design and atmosphere.

Who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised. It wouldn’t be the first time in recent months that Square Enix publishes a reboot that ends up blowing us away (oh hi, Tomb Raider!). That or it could turn out to be an unremitting bowl of dog barf that provides long-time fans of the series with enough ammunition to bitch and moan for eternity. If that ends up happening then the one thing we can all agree on is that whoever makes Eidos Montreal’s trailers probably deserves a raise or something, because there’s only so much you could do to a bowl of dog barf to make it appear appetising. Who’s hungry? Hit the jump.