New rumours surface for GTA V on PC


According to Eurogamer, there are “multiple industry sources” informing them that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will be out during the first quarter of 2014. Eurogamer is claiming that next year’s alleged release of the PC version is meant to “mirror that used for Grand Theft Auto IV”, which saw a PC version releasing eight months after it originally released on both consoles.

To date there have been numerous rumours regarding a PC release of GTA V. The most recent rumour involved nVidia’s Chris Evenden mentioning during a conference call that the game would be heading to PC. That rumour was later quashed by Rockstar.

It’s still by no means concrete that GTA V will hit the PC, but Eurogamer’s new rumour certainly is an appealing one. The prospect of GTA V hitting the PC certainly begs the question: would the game have made over $1 billion in three days if the world had known that a PC version was confirmed for a few months later? Furthermore, if the PC version had launched concurrently with the console version, what would the sales figures look like considering (let’s face it) the game would have been cracked and torrented within seconds?

Source: Eurogamer