Franklin’s and CJ’s voice actors teaming up for… something


The New York City Comic Con was on last week, and website IGN hosted a panel with the three voice actors (above) behind GTA V’s lead characters: Ned Luke (Michael), Shawn “Solo” Fonteno (Franklin) and Steven Ogg (Trevor).

During the panel, IGN host Gregg Miller asked the three actors a series of questions, one being which video game character they wished they’d voiced. Shawn Fonteno, Franklin’s actor, said he wished he’d played the role of CJ from 2004’s GTA: San Andreas. That statement was shortly followed up by him saying that it’s not the end of the world because he and Christopher “Young Maylay” Ballard (CJ’s voice actor) have teamed up for a project. When pushed for clarification, Fonteno evaded the topic.

Speculation is rife regarding what this mystery project could be. It might have nothing to do with the GTA franchise, but then again it might be future DLC featuring CJ from San Andreas. The fact Fonteno avoided answering any further questions seems to indicate that this might be a Rockstar project.

Embedded below is an interview between IGN’s Greg Miller and the cast of GTA V. This interview happened directly after the NYC Comic Con panel. We included it because it’s kind of surreal seeing the three actors (who also lent their likeness to the game’s characters) like this. Close your eyes, and Miller could be speaking to Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

Source: IGN